Barrett Riddleberger is a recognized global sales expert and professional speaker.

Backed by his two decades of business experience, Barrett uncovers performance problems in mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies by examining and answering a single question – “Why is this organization not meeting sales goals?” With exceptional insight he implements practical solutions that help companies grow their revenue.

Barrett is the CEO of xPotential Selling, Inc. – a sales development firm that he started in 2002. They provide in-depth sales assessments, custom sales training and sales leadership training. Through these services, his company helps organizations hire premium talent, implement high performance sales processes, develop core sales skills and grow sales managers into masterful sales coaches.

Barrett is a Columnist for His weekly column is called The Sales Exponent in which he writes about sales and business topics to support the development of the over 5 million unique visitors receives each month. He is also a regular contributor to a number of online blogs, including The Pulse on LinkedIn, and has been featured as a subject matter expert in Selling Power magazine, Sales & Marketing Management magazine. He is also been featured in many trade publications such as Architectural Products and The Professional Insurance Agents National Agency Marketing Guide.

He is the author of the book Blueprint of a Sales Champion. In it he defines the psychological profile of top performing salespeople. He is the developer of the xSell Sales Training program that he has personally delivered to over 10,000 salespeople. He is also the developer of the xSell Sales Leadership Training program that develops the critical skills for executive level sales leaders to front-line sales managers.

As a sales consultant, Barrett is a not only a thought partner and business analyst for companies in a variety of industries, he also has a team of exceptional people at xPotential Selling to implement solutions that drive sales improvement.

He has helped improve the sales performance of individual salespeople, sales teams, and entire companies. During one of the toughest economies on record, he helped a Fortune 1000 client realize a 30% increase in revenue per transaction in only four months. He also guided a major manufacturer in the commercial construction industry to an increase in their backlog of business from 30% to 85% – in less than three months.

A dynamic, in-demand speaker, he has addressed audiences all over the US and Europe. He’s worked with clients such as Time Warner Cable, Lincoln Financial, The Babcock & Wilcox Company, Cox Communications, U.S. Foods and State Farm.

A native of Charleston, SC and a life-long Southerner, he currently resides in North Carolina where he enjoys visiting vineyards with his wife and playing Cornhole with his children. During football season, he tries to control his emotions whenever the Carolina Panthers take the field.