Salvation Army Award

November 28, 2010

Barrett Riddleberger and his wife, Jodi, win the Doing the Most Good Award from the Salvation Army

The following is the speech given by Fox 8 News Anchor Neil McNeill at the annual Salvation Army Fundraising Banquet held at the O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro, NC.

Doing the Most Good Story of Jodi and Barrett Riddleberger

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”Jodi and Barrett Riddleberger have exemplified this time and again in their personal lives and with The Salvation Army.

As we have discussed today there are many wonderful opportunities to assist The Salvation Army in Doing the Most Good. Barrett, Jodi and their beautiful children have participated in about every way you can imagine. They have gone out to the kettle locations to ring the bell (and play the saxophone,) Jodi is a caring, thorough interviewer when parents who come to sign their children up for assistance; the family is often seen playing Santa’s helper at the distribution warehouse and the list goes on and on. Many evenings in December you can find them as a family sitting around the tables at The Salvation Army straightening bills coming out of the kettle so they can be counted. Major Egan says, “I so admire the way that Barrett and Jodi take the opportunity to pass along their Christian values of faith and love to their children. It is evident in what they say to their children and the example that they set.”

If this was not enough, the Riddlebergers go the extra mile to help The Salvation Army in other ways. Blessed with wonderful talents to encourage others, they have brought in numerous more volunteers. What a great surprise it was for The Salvation Army to have Sherriff B.J. Barnes and ten of his deputies come to help straighten the money that came in from the kettles one evening. Through the Riddlebergers efforts, the Christmas distribution warehouse has seen everyone from Mayor Bill Knight to Guilford the Grasshopper.

They have also produced outstanding videos that are placed on the Army’s website encouraging volunteers. The Kettle Volunteer Multiplier video was developed to be used by not only The Salvation Army in Greensboro, but is applicable and being used nationwide.

For being willing to give of their own time and treasures, for making the most of the blessings they have been given, for encouraging their children and others to make a difference for The Salvation Army and the people they serve, we are delighted to present this “Doing the Most Good Award” to Jodi and Barrett Riddleberger.